Fine Arts

All students should have experiences in the Fine Arts, which include Music, Visual Art, and Drama.  These curricular components will contribute to the further development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for responsible stewardship.


Because music is ultimately an expression of one’s world and life view, it is imperative that students develop a biblical perspective of music that encompasses the knowledge, skills, and attitude for a lifetime of praise

Visual Arts

It is important that Christians recognize the place and responsibility of art in the world.  Students who receive art instruction and participate in art activities can obtain a view of God’s world, which sees art as one important aspect of God’s creation.  They can find new ways to express their perceptions and experiences through exploration, invention, shaping, and sharing.  Their abilities to respond to God and His world through the use of their gifts can be enhanced through instruction in art techniques.  Patience and personal discipline are also nurtured through the careful solving of aesthetic problems.


Drama is infused into other programs, including French, Church History, Language Arts and Visual Art. Dance is not taught at William of Orange. Many of the outcomes in the provincial Dance curriculum are met during Daily Physical Activity.