Subject Rationales

The Christian school curriculum is developed and organized so that children may come to know God more deeply and richly and live for him more faithfully. Since human experience in all its rich variety is a good gift from the Creator who remains involved in his world, the Christian school curriculum explores all dimensions of creation. God’s design for the creation and his will for human society and culture must be understood and obeyed. This is the way of godly wisdom. Students are taught to recognize the brokenness that sin brings to God’s carefully designed world and are challenged to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to a fallen world. (From -> Educational Creed)

Yearly Plans

For each of the subject areas, each teacher designs annual plans honouring the school’s philosophy, as well as the provincial curriculum.  Yearly plans include learning objectives, assessment/evaluation, teaching strategies, and teaching resources.  These blueprints for the projected educational plans for a coming year, are, upon request, available for any interested parent.