Student regulations

  1. Supply rooms, staff room, office, and janitor’s room are off-limits to students without permission of the teacher.
  2. Students must have permission from their teacher or principal to leave the school grounds during school hours.
  3. Students must receive permission before they may use the phone.
  4. During PE lessons, students are required to wear the school PE uniforms. These are available for purchase at the school office.
  5. When students damage school property, the repair costs will be the responsibility of the parents.
  6. According to the Expectations of Student Conduct, students are expected to “dress in a Christian manner.” More specifically, parents are asked to ensure that their children avoid the following:
    • Clothing that calls attention to the body
    • Unnaturally coloured hair
    • Body piercing. An exception is made for girls’ earrings.
    • Excessive use of cosmetics
    • Clothing that promotes products or behaviour unsuited to a Christian school (for example, alcoholic beverages)
  7. Students are not permitted to have electronic devices such as media players and video games at school.