Student conduct

Our school was instituted for the instruction of covenant children. Instruction at a reformed school is part of that training in godliness, which parents have promised to provide for their children. In the covenant, God promises everything, but also demands much in the way of thankful obedience. It follows therefore, that the school, as well as the home, is part of the training ground for life within the covenant. Children have to learn to live what they are taught. This demand to live obediently according to the demands of the covenant brings certain expectations of how children are to conduct themselves. Students at the William of Orange Christian School are expected to:

  1.  Demonstrate respect for and be obedient to the teachers, as those set in authority over them. This respect can be shown by addressing teachers by their proper title, by speaking politely without backtalk and, by accepting and submitting to their instruction and discipline.
  2. Demonstrate respect for fellow students who are their fellow heirs in the covenant. This respect should be shown in the manner in which they treat the person, property and feelings of others.
  3. Stand up for what is right in our life before the LORD. This may mean speaking out against wrongdoing. It includes encouraging peers to do good rather than evil.
  4. Use language respectfully in service to God and their neighbour. Verbal abuse of any kind is a sin and cannot be tolerated.
  5. Dress in a manner that reflects a Christian lifestyle.
  6. Demonstrate respect for the school as well as their own property by taking care of the things entrusted to them and leaving alone that which does not belong to them.
  7. Obey the school rules without complaining or trying to undermine them. They are there for the physical and spiritual well-being of everyone.
  8. Admit to and apologize for wrongdoings and accept the consequences that may follow.