Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

The Board, the parents of the students, as well as the teachers of this school accept the inerrancy of Holy Scripture and they adhere to the Three Forms of Unity.  All instruction in the school must be subjected to the above standards.

Our school is a Canadian Reformed School:  Canadian, because the staff and students are Canadians with their task and calling in this country; reformed, because our faith is rooted in the reformed faith.  As a Canadian Reformed School we also have a special identity because our constituency is mostly from families in the Canadian Reformed Churches in our area.  The parents/members of this school realize that there must be a very close confessional unity between the families, the churches, and the school.  Therefore this school subscribes to the same doctrinal basis as the Canadian Reformed Churches:  the infallible Scriptures and the Three Forms of Unity  – Belgic Confession (1559), Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and the Canons of Dort (1618).

The Covenant

The place of the covenant of grace is central to reformed education because it clearly describes our faith relationship to God our Creator, and to Jesus Christ our Saviour.  Our form for the “Baptism of Infants” in our Book of Praise describes this covenantal relationship:

“First, we and our children are conceived and born in sin and are therefore by nature children of wrath, so that we cannot enter the kingdom of God unless we are born again.”

We acknowledge that we and our children are unworthy in ourselves; therefore we must seek “our salvation outside of ourselves” in the redemption through Jesus Christ.  Through Christ, God has again become our God and Father and therefore “we are called and obliged by the Lord to a new obedience.”

This new obedience means that we strive to live a life of gratitude to God by living in accordance with the principles summarized by Christ in Matthew 22: 37 –

 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”


“You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”

This new obedience, to which we are called, permeates our whole life and forms our attitudes to God, our neighbour, creation, and ourselves.  The parents have established the William of Orange Christian School to have their children educated in the perspective of this covenantal world and life view.  Additionally, the teachers must share this same world and life view so that they can teach in a manner concurrent with the parents’ biblical perspective.

The Central Place of Religion

Western civilization has generally interpreted religion as being something private, something limited to church life or to the Sunday.  Consequently some people are said to be religious; others are not.  We believe that human life in its entirety is religious.  Religion is a way of life.

Unless man is rejuvenated to serve God, he will serve himself or something else.  The human heart is either connected to, or separated from God.  Therefore, the door to knowledge is not our head but our heart.  It is there that God works in us and from there he influences our head and intellect.  This is a confession, a belief statement.  The rejection of such a confession inevitably produces another belief statement.  Faith that is not directed to God becomes misdirected.