Our Purpose & Goals

The Purpose of Our School

The purpose of the education at the William of Orange Christian School is to assist parents in the upbringing of their children.  These children, who are conceived and born in sin, will be educated for a task in life, for a life of covenantal obedience.  This work is undertaken in the awareness that it is subsidiary to the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

The education at the William of Orange Christian School will provide opportunities to acquire skills, to gain knowledge, and to develop attitudes that will enable each learner, with his or her own abilities, to serve as a steward in God’s creation and participate in cultural endeavours in a God-pleasing manner.

Goals of the School

In order to achieve the stated purpose, the school will seek to:


  • Develop the ability of students to analyze critically, reason and think independently, measuring everything against the truth revealed in God’s Word (I John 4), and acquire basic learning skills and bodies of knowledge
  • Develop in students a lifelong appreciation for learning, a curiosity about the created world around them, and a capacity for creative thought and expression.


  • Instil in the students an awareness of their responsibility as partakers of the covenant God has made with the believers and their offspring. (Gen. 16, 17)


  • Provide a Christian atmosphere in which, based on the biblical concept of love, students will develop positive social interactive skills and attitudes for the benefit and well being of their neighbour (I Cor. 13)


  • Instil in the students the awareness that man is created with mind and body and so must use also his body to the praise of his Maker (I Cor. 6: 19)